freeStyle dance & fitness wear

Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions we have answers!


What kind of dance shoes do you carry?

We carry dance shoes for jazz, tap, ballet, ballet character, modern, lyrical, hip hop, and performing shoes.

Do you carry adult dance wear?

Adults dance too! We carry everything in child and adult sizes.

Where are you in the Grange Road Plaza?

We are located in the building where the CIBC bank is, on the back side facing Grange Road.

Do you carry gymnastics bodysuits?

YES! We love gymnastics bodysuits because they bring so much more colour to our store.

What kind of tights do you have?

We have a variety of styles of tights including: footed, footless, transition/convertible, fishnets, figure skating, and body tights. We also carry them in pink, caramel (skin tone), and black.

Are we hiring?

We are always collecting resumes via email to We start to increase staff in the month of August for our busier season. If you would like to apply please send a resume and cover letter to and let us know why you would love to join our team.