freeStyle dance & fitness wear

Pointe Shoe Information

Before you call the store for an appointment

1. Has your teacher given you permission to go on POINTE?
2. Are you 12 years of age or older?
3. Are you currently free from all or any injuries?
4. Are you free from blisters or foot sores?
*must have answered YES to all of the above before taking the next step*

Call for an appointment

Call freeStyle to make an appointment to ensure there is a fitter available for you 519-836-8609

What to expect in the fitting

-Ensure you scheduled enough time because it could take up to an hour to fit POINTE shoes
-Ensure proper pedicure because long toe nails will not ensure a proper fitting
-POINTE shoes are meant to fit securely to the foot without painful discomfort
-What your fitter will be looking for
* all toes laying flat without curling or squishing
* Shoes are snug vertically and horizontally
* Vamp length is proper for the dancers foot
* Platform is appropriate for the dancers experience
* Wings offer the dancer the right amount of support
* Shoe is providing the right amount of support without giving painful pressure
-It is very important that you are aware of your feet and what the shoe feels like on you. Your communication to the fitter is VERY important to getting you into the right POINTE shoe!
-If you have had POINTE shoes before please ensure you bring them along as well as any padding you use

Sewing ribbons

1. Cut your single piece of ribbon in half to create two equal lengths, one for each shoe
2. Fold the heel piece of the shoe down towards the heel and using a pencil draw a line along the inside of the fold
3. Flip the heel piece in the opposite direction towards the sole of the shoe
4. Fold one piece of the ribbon in half and Position it at the centre of the heel seam of the Pointe Shoe and pin to hold in position
5. Then place the ribbon along the pencil line on the shoe side and pin to hold, do so for each side
6. Stitch the ribbon all the way along both sides.

Take care of your POINTE shoes

Ensure after each use that you take proper care to dry them directly after class. This will ensure a longer life span of your POINTE shoes!

Live life and love POINTE!