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Hair On Sleek Wax Stick

Hair On Sleek Wax Stick

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The little styling wonder that lasts for 48 hours! Behold hair wax perfection in a handy little stick. 

Pop this wonderous wax when you want to mold and sculpt your hair. It tames flyaway unmanageable hair and lasts for 48 hours—even in humid temperatures. Atlanta, Miami, Chicago, or dry as a desert Arizona—regardless of where you live, our wax stick has got you covered.

Use it on center parts to keep them smooth and slick and lying flat or use it to create a masterful spike, twist or chic ponytail. It will keep the frizzies at bay, slicks down bothersome cowlicks, and lays down edges. This priceless wonder sculpts your hair and keep your edges flat while keeping every hair in place—neat and as smooth as silk. When you’re pressed for time, our wax stick is the go-to styling product that will get you out the door in record time.

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