La Pointe- Taper, Soft, Full

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Made of two layers of Texon and a single layer of leather, La Pointe soft shank provides light support to the arch and is ideal for dancers with tight ligaments or an underdeveloped arch. I n most cases a "beginner' who is starting pointe work will best served with a soft shank. The minimal support provided by a soft shank will allow the dancer to stretch their ligaments to enable the dancer to stand fully "on top" of the platform. In other cases a "seasoned" dancer with tight ligaments may continue to wear a soft shank.
The La Pointe Taper is ideally suited for the Egyptian foot, where the first toe (the big toe) predominates and all other phalanges reduce in length, with the fifth toe (the little toe) being the shortest. The last of La Pointe Taper provides a tapered fit on the inside of the shoe for maximum support. The U throat shape contains a cotton drawstring encased in a cotton binding. The construction of La Pointe Taper is in the turned method and offers pleats on the bottom front of the shoe and contains a standard crown height with traditional side and heel measurements. The platform's durability is extended by a reinforcement lining placed within the box during construction. An embossed leather marked with a decorative design, including the size, width, and shank strength provides traction. La Pointe Taper follows the UK sizing system.

*Ribbons and elastic sold separately.