Whirl-A-Style Bun Maker

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Useful, easy hairstyling tool that allows the hair to be pulled back into a bun without the use of bobby pins. Its unique design does not pull hair or add weight to the head. No more struggling to make the perfect bun, Whirl-A-Style does it for you!

Whirl a style Small: 5 1/2" length 1/2" thick

Whirl-a-style Small bun maker is great for styling small sections of hair.  Works well with all lengths of hair; even shorter hair.  Create styles that are unique and “sassy,” fun or elegant.

Whirl a Style Jumbo Medium: 8" length 1" thick

Whirl-a-style Jumbo Medium bun maker is great for thick hair; makes rolling thick hair easier and holds snuggly.  Also excellent for thin, fine hair by providing the fullness required in creating a full-bodied bun or French twist.

Whirl a Style Jumbo Large: 10" length 1" thick

Whirl-a-style Jumbo Large bun maker is designed for those with especially long and thick hair. 

Whirl a Style Mini: 3 1/4" length 3/8" thick

Three per package.  Used to create small buns or tight knots and twists. Works equally well on long or short hair.