About Us

FreeStyle originally emerged in 2008 as an idea to create an atmosphere that thrives on offering exceptional customer service by getting up-close-and-personal with dancers, athletes, students, teachers, parents, studios, clubs and gyms. By knowing the unique needs and preferences of our community and the industry, we have been able to provide the tools that customers need to explore their passion of movement.

Whether you're a dancer, gymnast, yogi or a skater, training is all about building on what you know to try to improve and achieve a new personal challenge. We are constantly striving to improve too, which is why we feel it is important to have first-hand knowledge about what moves you. Our team incorporates members that have a variety of backgrounds including having trained at the competitive level, having attended post secondary dance programs, and some even teach when they're not at the store. With our combined experience and knowledge, we can better equip and guide customers with their needs on their journey.

Improving on our level of expertise was just the beginning to how we're refining our model:

  • We're constantly updating our catalog to offer a variety of products for customers to choose from, including our pointe shoe models.
  • Our pointe shoe fitters go through an extensive training program based on research, experience and manufacturer recommendations.
  • We have also added an online store with shipping and in-store pickup options to make getting the things you need a breeze. 

Overall, there have been some pretty big changes in the way we do business, but our promise to our customers holds true: We want to make you move.