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Akarso Leotard

Akarso Leotard

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Women's Dance Leotard – Collection Ruban

  • Halter-top
  • High neck with scalloped finish
  • Open drop back with accentuated waistline
  • Available in 1 color
  • Front lining
  • Microfiber - Embroidered Stretch Tulle - Stretch Tulle

Ballet leotard with halter top and a dainty stand-up collar with scalloped edges. The neck closes with two small buttons in the back. The back is made from three different fabrics, one of which is fully transparent with a teardrop opening so you can easily slip on the leotard. The waist is also accentuated with the same embroidered tulle as the bust and the collar.
This style is made from elastane microfiber, embroidered stretch tulle and transparent stretch tulle. This leotard is even more comfortable than it is refined.

Microfiber - Embroidered Stretch Tulle - Stretch tulle - Front lining

Bonus feature : Assert your confidence and sophistication with AKARSO, embodying the perfect balance between grace, refinement, and comfort.
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