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fH2 Bun Builder

fH2 Bun Builder

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It makes neat buns!

Pull ponytail through the centre of the builder and slide to the base of the ponytail.

Arrange hair around the builder & fasten with hair.

One size fits all.

How to use:

  • Pull hair into ponytail with elastic band.
  • Pull ponytail through the center of the builder and slide up to the elastic band on your head.
  • Separate a small amount of hair to wrap around the Bun Builder.
  • Arrange hair around the bun builder and secure with sprung bunpins.
  • The hair should be inserted directly into the bun builder as well as underneath into the nape of the ponytail to keep your bun securely in place.
  • Optional: Finish with a hairnet for a perfectly smooth and neat finished hair bun.
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