Rac n Roll Privacy Curtain

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Introducing Rac n Roll's Privacy Curtain - perfect for when you need a little extra privacy for changing. Our two extending side rods make it easy to open and close as needed and the curtain itself just velcro's onto the rack creating a secure and low-maintenance space for your dancer to dress and undress in. Setting it up is a breeze! You won't believe how simple it is to get your own privacy curtain up and running!

Rac n Roll's Privacy Curtain comes with:

  • Top bar with extending side rods
  • Curtain with velcro straps
  • Please note we do not recommend hanging costumes or accessories on the side extensions.

Large Center Bar: 25.5"

Medium Center Bar: 21.5"

Care Instructions:

  • Store in cool, dry location.
  • Spot clean only.